Monday, September 23, 2013

Unlock iPhone 5S / 5C on iOS 7.0.1

How to unlock iPhone 5S / 5C running iOS 7.0.1 on 1.00.06 Baseband? Well, as most of you know that Apple has released its latest two iPhones (iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C) on the yearly iPhone event. As usual iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are being sold locked to carriers under 1 or 2 years contract. In this article we will show you how to unlock iPhone 5S / 5C permanently to use it on any other carrier worldwide even if it still under contract.

You may heard about software and hardware unlock solutions. The only available method for unlocking iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C is iPhone IMEI Unlock. It's an official unlock for your iPhone 5S / 5C which transfers your iPhone IMEI from the locked-list on iTunes to the unlocked-list database.

Some advantages of iPhone 5S/5C iOS 7.0.1 IMEI Unlock:
  • No jailbreak needed.
  • Official unlock.
  • Your iPhone will be permanently unlocked and will not re-locked again
  • You will be able update to any future iOS version without fear of losing unlock
  • Works with any iOS version and any baseband.
  • You will be able to use your iPhone on any carrier worldwide.
  • Increase the resale value of your iPhone.
  • When you are abroad you can buy any local SIM to avoid roaming fees
  • Remote unlock which means that there is no need to send your iPhone to the service provider, just you have to send the IMEI no of your iPhone only.

Disadvantages of iPhone 5S/5C IMEI Unlock:
  • May be expensive on some few cases.

How to Unlock iPhone 5S / 5C on 7.0.1 with IMEI Factory Unlock:


You have to know the official carrier of your iPhone (The carrier which your iPhone is locked to)
Get your iPhone IMEI by dialing *#06# on your iPhone or by going to Settings > General > About > IMEI

How to:

Step 1: Choose your iPhone official carrier from the iPhone IMEI Unlock list.

Step 2: Place your iPhone 5S/5C unlock order including your 15-digits IMEI no.

Step 3: Within few hours you will receive confirmation email that your iPhone has been unlocked.

Step 4: Finally, connect your iPhone with iTunes to complete your unlock, you will get congratulation message says that your iPhone has been unlocked.

iPhone IMEI Unlock Service Provider:

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